6 Daily Habits That Are Messing With Your Skin


multicolored candies Your sweet tooth? Not so great for your skin. (Photo: luisrsphoto/Getty)

When it comes to taking care of your skin, most of us know the rules: Always wash your makeup off before you go to bed, never pick at your face, wear sunscreen religiously, and so on.

But there are a number of things we do—every single day!—that can wreak havoc on our faces without us even knowing it. To find out what those are, we consulted Jessica Weiser MD of the New York Dermatology Group to find out which seemingly benign habits actually contribute to skin damage. Prepare to be enlightened!

1. Sleeping on your side or stomach:

It’s super important to avoid pressing your skin into your sheets or pillowcase to avoid creating more permanent lines on your face. Ideally, you should sleep on your back to protect your skin and reduce wrinkle formation. Try a C-shaped pillow behind…

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