DIY Coffee Mask For summers


I believe  I am In a touch with many coffee lovers here. Coffee is one of my favourite too. It’s on my top list because it is helping me to cope with stress and to keep my skin safe in summers

We will be Knowing how to making a coffee mask for summers

Things you will be needing.

  • Coffee (any coffee)

Coffee Coffee

  • Honey

Honey Honey

It is very simple to make and really effective.


  1. Pour the coffee powder in a bowl.
  2. Pour 1tbsp of honey
  3. After the honey floats on the top of  the coffee powder, start mixing it with a spoon
  4. You can now use this Face Coffee Mask

You will be needing a tissue, As the mixture may be thick,  but it keeps dropping down your face.

Benefits of Coffee

  • Coffee helps in blood circulation which is really essential for a healthy skin.
  • Even the antioxidants in coffee…

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