Jan-Jan Van Essche


I enjoyed this interview. Thank you to freundevonfreunden for a glimpse into the world of Jan-Jan Van Essche.

He has an interesting approach to production and the concept of collections. “Every time of the year I wear more or less the same clothes-sometimes one layer,  sometimes five. That is how I define seasons.” we normally wear the same clothing year round and just add or subtract layers. This makes me want to consolidate the clothing that I have to see what I truly add or subtract throughout the year.

His clothing is very airy, and spacious where you can get lost into it but also enjoy a level of comfort.  He designs with the idea of freedom and comfortability. Which is important because too often we do not consider the comfort of those who are wearing our clothing, just the image and the persona we are trying to create. Its time to get back to the basics and give people what they need.The colors are monochromatic and  neutral but have a vibrant and resolute feel. Its awesome that he uses models of color to model his designs.

I like that his “collections have the same central theme. The same mood board has been on my walls for three years….I don’t reinvent myself with every collection.  I see it more as a continuous story. ” as someone who wants to enter into this line of work, I believe it is crucial to see it as a continuous story because that’s how life is, it’s a continuation. We just add or subtract things, people, experiences,  ideas, morals, etc. I’ll be sure to keep this in mind.

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