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S01 Episode 03 | WATER — AWEAR World

In episode 3, Kestrel had the honor of speaking with world renowned river conservationist Mark Angelo and producer Roger Williams. They talk water, denim manufacturing and their upcoming documentary RiverBlue.

S01 Episode 02 | STORYTELLING — AWEAR World

Check out conscious chatter!

In episode 2, Kestrel speaks with Amy DuFault about storytelling, and how being a conscious consumer is a journey that starts – as “cliche as it is” – with you.

Style that’s sustainable: A new fast-fashion formula | McKinsey & Company

“Fast fashion is now a large, sophisticated business fed by a fragmented and relatively low-tech production system. This system has outsize environmental effects: making clothes typically requires using a lot of water and chemicals and emitting significant amounts of greenhouse gases. “

Fashion’s Piracy Paradox: Are There Benefits to the Practice of Knockoffs? — The Fashion Law

With copying,  I can understand how it spreads the style or trend throughout different levels of society and price point.  But what are the standards when it comes to copying? And as a designer and brand should you accept it?