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In case you missed the tumblr discussion on net neutrality. 


S01 Episode 05 | WASTE — AWEAR World

It’s important that we are having this conversation with one another.  Please share and circulate. This is an amazing episode and it goes into the world of donated clothing and where it actually ends up and who is making a profit out of it. 
In episode 5, Kestrel speaks with Elizabeth Cline, author of Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion in a conversation about textile waste in the fashion industry and how it’s piling up around the world.

S01 Episode 03 | WATER — AWEAR World

In episode 3, Kestrel had the honor of speaking with world renowned river conservationist Mark Angelo and producer Roger Williams. They talk water, denim manufacturing and their upcoming documentary RiverBlue.

Are High-Fashion Copies Actually Legal? – Racked

This article is a great run down on how copying in fashion works. I didn’t know that you couldn’t copyright clothing due to it being functional and preventing the wearer being nude.

Very interesting side of the industry and it’s also interesting that it’s thriving and helping the economy.

Going to the Savanah College of Art & Design 

​Hello all 

I am transferring to the Savannah College of Art & Design this fall to study Fashion Design with an emphasis in sustainable design. 

Please check out my gofundme page to help to me get the last part of my tuition cost.  

All donations are appreciated!  

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