Why Is Inclusive Sizing So Hard?

Why Is Inclusive Sizing So Hard?

For the most part, women sizes 0 to 14 can shop in one kind of store, those sizes 14 to 28 in another, and those over a size 28 are just shit out of luck.


Style Like You: Clementine Desseaux

Making Cellulite, Pimples, and No Thigh Gap Dreamy: Clementine Desseaux

Watching this series really makes you appreciate yourself for who you are and what you look like. It also gives you an opportunity to do that self reflection, that we often don’t do.

How Lesser-Known Models Navigate Instagram and Snapchat – Racked

It’s sad that you have to have a specific set of followers to get signed. I understand that it’s about getting people to see the product and the brand,  but when will we get back to just plan talent? 

But I will say that it’s great that you are getting a more diverse group of models who come in a range of sizes, height and racial backgrounds.