Why Is Inclusive Sizing So Hard?

Why Is Inclusive Sizing So Hard?

For the most part, women sizes 0 to 14 can shop in one kind of store, those sizes 14 to 28 in another, and those over a size 28 are just shit out of luck.




“These days, it appears that the most well-rounded<br>and successful celebrities must also be fashion designers, leveraging their style and public profiles into brisk sales on the department store floor…The question most often asked about “celeb-designed” lines is, Just how much do those celebrities have to do with what shows up on the shelves of the stores bearing their names? Do they simply license out their names and then sit on the sidelines, or are they in the design studio, comparing swatches and picking out colour palettes?”

10 Things You Can Do Each Day To Help Save Our Planet


The term “green living” has been a buzzword for years now. Some people and businesses are taking huge steps to become eco-friendlier by switching to solar power, going paperless and more. Going green doesn’t have to be that time-consuming and expensive, however.

Standing Rock Water Protectors: A Community Round Table Discussion

If you missed the show, the podcast is now available! Check it out today, as we listen to leaders in our community who have joined the water protectors in Standing Rock to stand against the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Standing Rock Water Protectors: A Community Round Table Discussion